Open and Affirming

As an Open and Affirming congregation in the United Church of Christ, CCC strives to cultivate an environment that is inclusive and affirming of all God's people. God loves all people and is reflected in the goodness that we all have within us. We aspire to embody this belief in our relationships with everyone, encouraging them to take pride in who they are without reservation!

CCC Open and Affirming Statement

(On June 23, 2013 at a meeting of the congregation, Center Congregational Church adopted the following Statement.)

We, the members of Center Congregational Church, UCC, of Meriden, Connecticut, recognize, welcome, and celebrate the worth, dignity and diversity of all God’s people. We declare ourselves an Open and Affirming congregation, opening our arms and embracing into the life of our parish persons of every age, economic status, ethnicity, family structure, gender, marital status, nationality, physical or mental ability, race or sexual orientation. We welcome all people into full participation of our church’s activities, proclaiming the two commandments of Jesus: Love God with all your being and love your neighbor as yourself.

We commit ourselves to work to end all discrimination which afflict God’s people. We affirm all relationships founded on God’s love.

We commit ourselves to insuring that Center Congregational Church is a safe place where all people will feel comfortable to worship and to know that they are accepted and loved without the threat of judgment or condemnation.

We pledge to come together in Christ’s name to welcome and celebrate our diversity and to discover our unity.