Our Discernment Process

Considering our Future:

Center Church, like many other mainline protestant congregations, is feeling the heat of the nationwide shift in culture away from organized, traditional religious expression. In the face of a shifting landscape and its effects on church involvement, our faith community is embarking on a journey to assess the landscape as it relates to our congregation and how we might proceed into the future.

Upcoming Programming for 2023

ANNUAL BUDGET MEETING -  November 5, 2023 

The Church Budget will be presented and voted on.

Special Congregational Meeting on October 15 to vote on By-law changes that were presented at the September 10 congregational meeting.

Our Paths:

Below are the documents that relate to each path that we have considered thus far. Each is a distinct path that pursues distinct goals, and the names of each path relate to those goals. The temptation to mix and match strategies from each is enticing, but must be avoided, as mixing and matching only serves the goal of comfort and contentment.

Better Together