This Week At Center Church!


Five Things to Know!

1.) Our First Discernment worshop brought us our new faith in action statement:

"Faith in action is loving, respectful, and transformative!"

This statement will root us in a faithful approach to our discussions, activities, and reflection throughout the rest of the discernment process this year - holding us to the values of a lived faith that is loving, respectful, and transformative!

2.) What is Discernment?: Discernment is the practice and process of obtaining clarity in a situation with the hopes of using that clarity to then move forward into the future successfully. In our case at Center Church, we are discerning both who we currently are and what path our faith community is best suited for. Whenever Pastor Connor refers to "discernment," he is referring to this ongoing process that will result in a congregational vote on direction in June of 2022!

3.) Conference Gathering: Join Pastor Connor and others in an opportunity to connect with our wider community in the Central Association of Churches in the UCC. We will gather on 9/26/2021 at 2pm at Camp Sloper in Southington. To register for the event, fill out the form below:

4.) Join us for our next discernment session on Sunday, October 3rd, after worship in the fellowship hall! We will reflect on our core values as a church and discuss how our experience at Center Church relates to and is informed by these values!

5.) COVID-19 Memorial Service: Our COVID-19 Memorial Service has been pushed back from 9/26 to be celebrated on All Souls Sunday, November 7th, 2021! This delay will give us plenty of time to publicize to and involve the wider community.

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