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March 2023

Lent is a season for thinking about being in a wilderness. It is often seen in personal terms, and it is a personal journey, but it is a communal one as well.


"Wilderness" is a word that conjures up all sorts of image. Our Puritan ancestors who came here from England saw themselves as on a "errand into the wilderness," not taking into account that part of that errand was to displace the people already living here. For the early settlers the wilderness included the people.


In times past people often did not venture into a wilderness, any place where civilization could not be found, because they were afraid that God wasn't there either. That is certainly the view of the Bible. A wilderness was a place of testing, of trial. You didn't go there willingly.


Our churches today find themselves in a wilderness, one that is not our choice. The circumstances are unfamiliar and what worked in times past does not work any more. The thing to do is rethink how we live our lives as Christians. It isn't enough to do everything the way it was done in the pas, and although it is important to remember the past and all the gifts that come to us from the past, we also can't let it hold us back. The saddest words I have ever heard a church member say is "We've never done it that way before." Those are the seven last words of a dying church.


Part of our wilderness experience is seeing the landscape change. Once you could assume that most people went to church. There were numerous congregations of different traditions that met the needs of their congregations. Now many of those churches struggle to stay open. The spiritual needs of people haven't changed at all. What has changed is their perception of where and how those needs can be met.


Lent is a time of wilderness searching. As daunting as it can seem let us remember that God is always with us.






The Care Team is back.  Our Care Team has historically been a group of Congregation members who

send cards, make phone calls, and visit when able our parishioners who are shut in, sick, injured, or just

simply in need of some comfort.

The Care Team reports to and is guided by the Board of Deacons. 

If you would like to be part of this group, please contact Susan Trella at If you

know someone who is in need whom you feel should be on the Care Team’s list, please let Joan Gordon

know. Call the church 203 235-1389 or email

Great Thanks and Blessings to all,

Center Church Care Team



Hello, my name is Avery Rochette. My mother is Amanda, my father is Robert and I have two siblings - Nolan and Aubrey. I am in 8th grade at Washington Middle School.


When I am not in school, I like doing robotics and playing video games with my friends. My favorite thing about church is youth group because I get to help people while having fun. 


DINE-OUT NIGHT – THURSDAY, The Second Thursday of the Month, 

This is an opportunity for all adults (or alleged adults) from our Center Church family, or friends if you

have any, to come out to dinner and have a pretty good time; --- and to get a nice meal (that you didn’t

have to cook yourself) under your belt.

“WHERE?” you might ask.

“How do I make reservations for myself and the several dozen people I want to bring with me?” you

might also ask. Or maybe the “several” might not apply in this case. Even if it’s just you, the person to

contact is:  

Ardene Courchesne


This is the monthly second-Thursday dinner by and for the women’s group (formerly “Others”) and the

men’s group (formerly “Centerites”), which now dine together informally as “Tri-C”.

We had a great time in February, We are looking  forward to more merriment as we

 descend upon the unsuspecting restaurant staff .

Come and be part of the fun! Hang out for the evening with Lorraine and Ken. See you there!