Racial Justice

Racial Justice Workshops

Recently, members of our congregation took part in a series of educational workshops, led by activist Arkayla Tenney-Howard. Ms. Tenney-Howard brings a wealth of activist experience during her time with the Black Lives Matter movement in St. Louis. As a black woman, she brings first hand knowledge and experience of racism to our conversations and sheds light on what living in St. Louis - a city marred by racial divide - is like for people of color. Ms. Tenney-Hoawrd's work with us will also produce a statement of solidarity from the congregation. The recordings of these presentations can be found on this page!

Part 1

Part 3

Racial Justice Awareness Newsletters

Part of Arkayla Tenney-Howard's work with us was to create various newsletters for us. These include language from our draft statement, information about various justice issues in the Black community, and ways that we can get involved! Click on the images to see all of the information and resources that Ms. Tenney-Howard has compiled for us!

Check out Arkayla Tenney-Howards work on her facebook page: Wildflower Communications

Part 2